Fact checking-ul săptămânii: Citat despre „manipularea prin frică” – prezentat ca aparținând lui Hermann Göering

 Informații de context Mai multe postări, mesaje, înregistrări care au circulat intens pe rețelele sociale, în special în timpul pandemiei, prezintă ideea că Hermann Göering, comandant militar al Germaniei naziste, ar fi susținut următoarele declarații: „O poți face într-un regim nazist, socialist, comunist, într-o monarhie și chiar într-o democrație. Singurul lucru care trebuie făcut pentru […]

Spinning friction and suspicion during a major crisis

NATO members Romania and Bulgaria were singled out in the recent statements put forth by the Russian Foreign Minister on Friday, January 21. The call for NATO’s “withdrawal of foreign forces, equipment, and weapons, as well as taking other steps to return to set-up we had in 1997 in non-NATO countries” has been immediately rejected […]

Fact checking of the week: Misleading interpretations about /Russia-Ukraine stand-off

The military build-up by the Russian Federation at the border with Ukraine has led to the proliferation of misleading or distorted claims about the root causes of the tensions and about the role of NATO, EU and Romania in case of the further deterioration of the stand-off. Such claims appear periodically on websites, blogs, Facebook […]

Fact checking of the week: COVID-19 vaccines do not contain live organisms, parasites or hydras

Background Several English language videos, translated into Romanian, in which various people claim that vaccines against COVID-19 contain „translucent organisms, ring-like ring structures, self-propelled tentacle creatures, parasites, hydras, immortal organisms, organisms that can reproduce and replace the organs of a vaccinated person” have gone viral online. In Romania, these videos and images were distributed on […]

Fact checking of the week: Viral claims shared on WhatsApp under the “forwarded many times” label

Background An extensive text message called „PUBLIC AWARENESS POLITICAL MANIFESTO” was massively shared/ forwarded on Whatsapp and disseminated across several Telegram channels and Facebook pages in Romania. The viral message claims that “vaccines do not not work, natural immunity lasts a lifetime, and the long-term effects of the vaccine are unknown”, while encouraging users to refuse […]

Fact checking of the week: mRNA vaccines are not gene therapy and do not alter human DNA

Background Various articles and social media posts claim that „Stefan Oelrich, president of Bayer’s pharmaceutical division, has admitted that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are cell and gene therapy marketed as vaccines to gain public trust.” In fact, Stefan Oelrich, member of the Board of Management of Bayer and head of the Pharmaceuticals Division, did not say […]

Fact checking of the week: Underground messages that recycle pandemic conspiracy frames and narratives

Background A message entitled „MARBURG – A NEW PANDEMIC” was disseminated in various Facebook groups, on Telegram and through several private messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The text claims that some organizations – “they” – are planning „the Marburg virus and the next plandemic” and „that they are rushing to develop a […]

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